The Power of Consistent Effort

Even nagging can lead to a change of mind, so keep on at it.

“Don’t give up”, a lip-hanging phrase that has become quite a cliché, easy said than done, a uplifting encouragement may very well be nothing more than word filler in a dire situation.

Let’s look at it from another angle: don’t give up completely, instead, give a little each day, and continue as long as you could, and the outcome may surprise you more than you realize.

A continuous stream of trickling water on a rock surface consistently for many years can drill a hole through it. Nagging someone incessantly may eventually change one’s mind as evident in many cases (can you relate?). There is great power in consistent effort, don’t underestimate its luster. Keep going, don’t deflate all the way, push a little at a time, you will eventually get further than where you were if you have given up.

The little efforts, they build up and get compounded with time to yield substantial wealth.

The ladder of life pursuits is harder to climb if we keep setting audacious goals for ourselves. So, start with small, short-term, obtainable milestones. In time, you will be rewarded by the great heights you’ve achieved.



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