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2 min readMar 30, 2021

“Science Is Not Only A Disciple of Reason But Also One of Romance and Passion”. — Stephen Hawking

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We are living in an exciting era marked by tremendous technological and scientific achievements in almost every conceivable category of human innovation. From the discovery of new medicines to the understanding of our planets and outer universe, science has taken a leap to unveil the unknown, to expand our intellectual boundaries and capabilities. Stimulated by our never-ending curiosity and tenacity, we are striving towards the path of becoming an enlightened civilization.

Driven by the pursuit of human needs, values, and the unflinching desire to improve quality of life, our technological stride has become a diverse and multi-disciplinary endeavor that reflects true human ingenuity. Whether it is in the consumer or industrial sector, we can readily observe a steady fulfillment of these qualities at work. From the smartphones that keep getting smarter and more connected than ever (#IoT) to the manufacturing facilities that transform themselves into more automated factories, we are surely and gradually marching into the 4th industrial revolution marked by the rise of fifth-generation wireless connectivity and cyber-physical systems. This is a radical paradigm shift from the three industrial revolutions that proceeded it — Steam power, electricity & assembly, and computerization.

Just as our understanding of the physical world continues to advance at an exponential rate, so must our stride for virtue excellence and existential joy in the digital era. In a radically shifting technological landscape soon to be inundated with new concepts of robotics, artificial intelligence, digital surveillance, biomedical enhancement, and beyond, choosing wisely, more so than intellectually, how to interact and live with the seemingly endless options will influence the development trajectory of our attitudes and characters. May our actions continue to reflect the defining strengths of human values and relentless faith, so our appreciation for all that we can accomplish produces true joy, truer motivation, and truest pursuit.

We are an extraordinary species of boundless potentials and leaps.

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