Finding the Good in life

We can all use a little good in life right about now.

Labman Perspective
2 min readMar 12, 2022

Life is beautiful if we know what to look at and what to ignore.

Photo Credit: Terrance McMahon

From early on, we have been put down too much, we can’t do this right, do that wrong, we have all been through way too much experience of hardship, we deserve a little good about ourselves.

In fact, there is plenty of goodness in people that aren’t spoken of and openly shared. All we hear are bad news, wars, devastations, and the bad of people display on social media and TV. we are constantly being bombarded by the bad, not enough good to motivate us and cheer us through the day.

The daily barrage of negative talks takes a toll on all of us.

I think we need to focus on the other side of humanity for a change, and bring out the good and beautiful in people, so that we may be encouraged and motivated by the good deeds.

I choose to believe most people in the world are caring, loving, and law-abiding souls that embrace joy and happiness over hate and anger. But they just don’t get the publicity for it, they are hidden away for the few eyes to see and appreciate.

We have great qualities that we aren’t aware of, rich inner resources that are untapped, and opportunities that we ever dreamed of.

We ought to be positivity-driven, to bring out the good in people in a world that dwells on the negatives, starting with us, being part of that move.

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