Exercise With A Purpose

Photo by Jens Mahnke from Pexels

Zone 1: 50–60% of MHR

Zone 2: 60–70% of MHR

Zone 3: 70–80% of MHR

Zone 4: 80–90% of MHR

Zone 5: 90%+ of MHR

Sweat Like A PIG

Of course, pigs don’t really sweat (check out pig iron instead). Sweating has many health benefits, not simply cooling the body down but also carrying some wastes out of the body. It’s a good sign that your blood is circulating and together with the muscles to generate heat for the body to release the flood. So, let the waterworks come, don’t defy the natural.

Musical Assist

For motivational music to keep you going to reach your optimal heart rate, try to find songs with keywords such as “Exercise 160 bpm” or “House Music at 150 bpm” on Youtube. The musical beats should carry you through to the specified “beats per minute” heart rate. I hope you will find something suitable for you.



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