Easier Done Than Said

We’ve heard the encouraging phrase of “Just Do It”, can it really be as easy as it sounds? Will starting with action help tear down those mental blocks set up for our own protection? Is that protection a false alarm stopping us from achieving certain greatness?
​I wonder.

Photo by Nomadic Julien

What I recalled from the things that I fear to do, but eventually overcame is not the result of some miraculous awakening or a dare among friends. It has to start with sustained self-motivation that arises from within, the necessity that fuels the ‘want’ in our hearts to overcome the obstacles erected to resist is the starting step. Consider the scenario that everyone in your neighborhood or friendship circle are riding bicycles, except you, because your previous experiences taught you how dangerous it can be and that scar on your knee serves to remind you of the uselessness of this inefficient, outdated form of transportation, you surely had no reason nor motivation to pursue. It’s not the lack of need that held you back, but it’s the lack of want.

Without wanting, we can come up with endless reasons for not doing. Consider the same scenario, if someone who you love dearly enjoys biking fervently, it’s an activity that brings her countless joy, your incapability around the bicycle is the only thing that seems to stand in the way, then I said the wanting starts. Now you have a motivation to do it, and once you start doing it, you learn that the horror replay that discouraged you before is greatly exaggerated, and bicycling can be so much fun, now you aren’t afraid to try it again and again. One day, you realize you can do it just like everyone else, and bicycling is easy, and you want to do it all the time.

So, we successfully went from wanting, to doing, and to realizing we can do it to do some more.

The linearized thinking went from WANT-TO-DO → JUST-DO → CAN-DO transformed to a circular form that keeps doing. You have more than one motivation, & a new reason to do it, that is: because now you can.

When we can find the motivation to start, it is easier done than said.



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