Come, Listen to Some Oldies with me

On My Little Playlist of the Classics, Finding Your Calm After A Long Day.

Labman Perspective
2 min readMay 17, 2022
Photo by Erik Mclean

The foot traffic is gone, and the chores are done.

It’s a quarter past 9 pm. I crawled into the recliner chair, welcomed by the warm embrace of the familiar cushion to my long-awaited nightly personal time.

The door is closed, light’s dimmed. The earphones are plugged in, and my tunes are ready. As I let my playlist run, a day of stress and fatigue unloaded with a long sign of exhaling and inhaling to bring forth the start of a Spa-quality relaxation session. Following the footsteps of those who enjoyed such a musical treat of the oldies like Jean Campbell, you got to love the love songs of the bygone era.

A Little Reflection: From early sunrise to beyond sunset, work and chores kept us on our toes. We sprint to get things done, leap to accomplish daily goals, and sweat to grind for perfection. These are the defining characteristics of a high-octane individual and resonate so well with many of us today. The burn feels so good because the sense of accomplishment is alluringly addictive like the fruitful rewards at the end.

We often forget to switch off the engine before heading to bed. Little did we know, the work continues in our heads, stealing our dreams, and taking our REM cycles captive. At the end of each day, let’s not forget, as I once did so frequently in the pursuit of my professional and life goals, that the mind needs to relax just like the body.

Meditation is the way to go, people say. I agree but I have a hard time mastering it, even though I believe its values can’t be overlooked. Yet, it is hard to brake the mind to a complete halt. With time, I think I can. But now, what works, is my little time machine of a playlist that gently walks me down the classic lane, and sings to me the retrospecting tunes and melodies that echos the simpler days, with simpler living. In it, I let my imagination run free, go where it wants to, any timeline it desires, I am just enjoying the ride.

Feels like daydreaming, I found both pleasure and peace. There aren’t regrets of the day, no expectations of tomorrow, no distractions from the media, just being in the presence, enjoying the now, and savoring the moment to relax, and simply be.

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