Anchor Your Control

Labman Perspective
2 min readJan 14, 2022

How we struggle to obtain control of the things around us.

Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

We are stressed and labored, the forms and manifestation of these outpours are the accomplishments of this world, but not of our hearts.

Peace, calm, joy, and tranquility no longer come as the fruits of our strive for meeting deadlines and accomplishing tasks anymore. Hubris, monetary and materialistic gains result easily as the byproducts of greed and unfulfilled joy. Not to pass on judgments, just pondering what ultimately bring us true happiness through it all. If you were to relinquish that control, where would it anchor to give you peace and calm? What must you believe daily, hourly, in all situations and circumstances that you can maintain your objective and stay the course of change, and not be swayed by distractions and lapses? What is the core of your motivation which keeps you from deviating from your goal and principles? Aren’t we talking about faith? We all have it, some have it loosely around the lip, some have it abide firmly on self, some barely think about it and follow whatever comes their way.

We ought to be men and women of sound principles, control, dignity, and stability, driven yet disciplined. We ought to have control, but faithfully believe the giving source of that control is firm and unshakable. In essence, how often do you feel that you have control over the world?

It is an illusion.

Identify what motivates you and know when to relinquish that control and leave it to something greater than yourself, than any of us, beyond what this world can ever offer, far from the lips and minds of the people of this realm. Anchor it tightly.



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